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Harry Potter Theme Day and Quiz


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27th July 2024

Harry Potter Theme Day

Dress up as your favourite character and complete a town-wide Harry Potter scavenger hunt, with the chance to win a £25 gift voucher!

27th & 28th July 2024

Harry Potter Quiz with The George Hotel

This July we’re are collaborating with The George Hotel, Axminster again for the Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz! Last time there was anagrams, jellybeans and lots of sock tossing. This time we’re going to see what other magical things we can conjure up!


Current Raffle

Firebolt Raffle

We understand that being a witch or wizard costs us more sickles and galleons than we would like, so we like to run regular raffles to give you the chance to win something magical. 

Everything Else

More Theme Days

We are more than just a Harry Potter Shop. Enjoy photos from our other events, including Star Wars Day and Heroes and Villains Day.

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