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Harry Potter Theme Day

27th July 2024

It's time for another Harry Potter Theme Day! We take over the town twice a year with witches and wizards of all ages with our big Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt! Explore Axminster, try Harry Potter-inspired food and drink at participating businesses and discover new favourite shops across the town. A day you won't soon forget!

How to Take Part

Step One: Costume

We invite everyone to come along dressed as their favourite witch or wizard. Or, if you don't have a costume, wear your favourite Harry Potter T-shirt or dress as a muggle! We usually have some amazing costumes. Don't be afraid to ask for photos, and if you don't want your photo taken and shared on our social media, just let us know!

Harry Potter Theme Day

Step Two: Come to the shop and collect your sheet

Ask at the counter for a sheet. You will be given cryptic clues leading to different Axminster businesses. Find these shops and then find the hidden Harry Potter item. If you aren't familiar with the town, we are also offering maps. We give one sheet per group. Taking part is completely free!

We are open as usual from 9:30am-5pm. Come along whenever you can.

No. 2 St George's, Victoria Place, Castle Hill, Axminster, EX13 5NQ

Swish and Flick

Step Three: Complete the trail

Explore Axminster in the most magical way possible! If you get stuck, don't worry! There will be lots of other witches and wizards around to help. 

As you search, keep an eye out for little Easter Eggs in select windows. Select businesses are also providing special Harry Potter menus for the day! Make the most of your magical day out. 

Harry Potter Town Trail

Step Four: Return your sheet to enter the prize draw

As soon as you're ready, return your sheet back to the counter at Swish and Flick. It doesn't even need to be finished! Just return your sheet with your name and contact to be entered into a draw for a £25 Gift Voucher for our shop! If you come by after closing, post your sheet through our letterbox. The final date for returning your sheet to be entered into the draw is Friday 2nd August 2024. The winner will be picked at random and contacted privately.

Gift Voucher Winner Harry Potter

Step Five: Fun and games

When you're done, you are welcome to browse the shop's wide range of licenced Harry Potter merchandise. We have many official replicas from the movies - including broomsticks, wands and the Triwizard Cup - that you are welcome to take pictures with. Most importantly, look at all the amazing businesses around Axminster that have participated in the magic.

Grab some dinner then meet us again at The George Hotel for the Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz! 

Harry Potter Quiz

Shop Harry Potter


Sometimes Owl Post just isn't quick enough, so use one of the muggle methods instead

No. 2 St George's, Victoria Place, Axminster, EX13 5NQ

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